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ADDEV Materials - Insulation & Films, the new brand underwhich MICEL and TECHNIFILM will communicate from now.
ADDEV Materials - Insulation & Films is specialized in manufacturing, converting and cutting technical films and papers. The company has developed a strong expertise for different markets such as energy, electronics, medical, cable, graphic arts and security documents.

The expert in high performance films

ADDEV Materials - Insulation & Films is specialized in manufacturing, converting and cutting high performance films. Closely working with the main chemical industry manufacturers worldwide, ADDEV Materials - Insulation & Films leans on their technology and its advanced knowledge of materials to propose a wide range of products with elevated properties such as high bonding performance, UV or chemical resistance, high transparency, high mechanical resistance, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, etc...

The company has also reached a complete level of expertise in the manufacturing and converting process, regarding assembling process (coating, lamination), as well as surface treatments (corona / plasma, metallization) and customized cutting (rolls, spools, sheets, parts), Including an investment in a laminator and a laminar flow room to perform taylor-made workshop in a clean environment.

The combination of ADDEV Materials - Insulation & Films’ unique technical know-how with its expertise gives the company the skills to develop innovative and specific solutions that meet every industrial client’s needs.

From graphic industry to printed electronic

Historically renowned in the graphic industry, ADDEV Materials - Insulation & Films has developed solutions for membrane switches, front panels, and EL lamps. Aware of the potential for innovation of Printed Electronic applications (RFID, OLED, battery, solar cell), the company has positioned itself as a pioneer in this rapidly expanding market. Besides, ADDEV Materials - Insulation & Films is one of the founding members of AFELIM.

Today, the company is expending an offer centered on 4 functions: substrates (PET POLITHERM® / POLIBOND® / MELINEX® films, PET Thermo stabilized with surface treatment, etc.), transparent conductive films (PET ITO and conductive multilayers), protective and barrier films (Polycarbonate MAKROFOL®, PET film clear with coating, fluor films), and lastly, adhesives for assembling (ultra-transparent adhesive films).

At the same time, ADDEV Materials - Insulation & Films has developed new markets and is now proposing customized solutions in Lighting (reflective and diffuser films), Security and identification documents (reinforcement and protection films for ID cards, passports, etc.), and also for the Rubber industry.

A solution maker focused on innovation

To ensure its success, the company has focused on designing and developing new generation of materials and has invested in a new laboratory and adjusted equipments, but also reinforced its R&D team by integrating new competencies. This laboratory enables the company to carry out prototyping, physical and chemical characterisations and material aging.

ADDEV Materials has also implemented a solvent based lamination equipment in the R&D department. This new equipment brings flexibility to realize multilayers composed of flexible substrates and brings also more flexibility in their different developments.

ADDEV Materials = 4 BU

ADDEV Materials is a converter of high-performance materials leaning on a wide range of technologies (slitting/converting) and a strong expertise, located in EMEA and North America. ADDEV Materials is composed of 4 Business Units :

- Insulation & Films

- Adhesives & Tapes

- North America

- Aerospace & Defense.

Site de Valence :
ZI de Briffaut Ouest
63, rue Léon Gaumont
Valence le Haut - BP 37
26902 VALENCE Cedex 09 - France
Tél. : +33 (0)4 75 82 17 00
Fax. : +33 (0)4 75 55 33 96

Aude CURY, Directeur Général

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