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We have been developing HMI using printed electronics for many years. We use technical inks to develop different sensors for new applications.
We are present in the following sectors: medical, aeronautical, railway, measuring instruments, pressure and force sensors, and gauges.

ARC EN CIEL SÉRIGRAPHIE draws on its expertise in the design and production of HMI (Human Machine Interfaces).

ARC EN CIEL SÉRIGRAPHIE's experience gives it recognised know-how in the choice of materials, printing technologies and the studies, processes and controls required to successfully complete a project involving printed electronics. 

Since 20O7, this has enabled ARC EN CIEL SÉRIGRAPHIE to produce all types of capacitive interfaces, including projected capacitive or multi-touch panels, as well as integrating sensors and functionalising surfaces.

ARC EN CIEL SÉRIGRAPHIE masters the major stages of printed electronics:

Photo-etching, chemical etching, thermoforming, digital printing, surface treatment, optical bonding, adhesion, screen printing of electronics: circuits, OLEDs, sensors, resistors, etc.; insertion of Surface Mounted Components (SMD), machining, laser and table cutting, assembly, industrialisation and testing, etc.

Two keyboard technologies:

- The older resistive

- Capacitive, which is more common on products or screen.

Among the areas of innovation on which the company is working under contract, we can cite several markets of the future:

- Functionalised materials (printing of sensors, gauges, heating devices and resistive or capacitive controls on all types of substrates: mainly polymers, textiles, glass or metals) which make it possible, in particular, to lighten simple functionalities and materials for lower consumption of resources and lower energy requirements for mobility.

- The design and manufacture of innovative medical devices, particularly for rapid diagnosis and patient monitoring (facilitating follow-up after ambulatory surgery). www.arcenciel-serigraphie.fr

119 Impasse des Crayons
ZI le Forestier
42630 REGNY
Tél. : +33 (0)4 77 63 04 43

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