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DOREY Converting Systems

DOREY Converting Systems, a division of DOREY, has been working for over 40 years in the automotive, electronics, medical, renewable energy and transformer industries. Our distinctive approach lies in listening carefully to the market and our customers. We work with companies of all sizes, operating in a wide range of sectors. We use our expertise and advanced technology to help you develop and grow your business.

Over the last few decades, DOREY Converting Systems has developed, in close collaboration with converters, manufacturers of high-tech parts or technical labels, recognised expertise in the design of Roll-to-Roll machines adapted to the requirements of their markets.

We learn, adapt and customise our solutions and services to support each customer.

Two main business lines:

  • Plastics assembly and welding machines (DOREY)
  • Laminating and rotary die-cutting machines (DOREY Converting Systems)

Our unique technology makes it possible to assemble complex flexible materials in rolls, in superposition, by making different cuts in each layer, and by assembling them to very high levels of precision (0.1 mm), all at speeds of up to 56 m/min. The machine is controlled automatically by cameras and software that synchronise the layers.

Our machines are used by:

  • the electronics industry (consumer devices),
  • the automotive industry (on-board electronics, electric batteries),
  • technical and communication labels (printed electronics, RFID - NFC tags and labels, etc.),
  • the medical industry (electrodes, diagnostic tests, medical patches, microfluidics, etc.),Technical labels and Identification documents (RFID, NFC...),
  • the renewable energy industry (bio-cell batteries, etc.).


At the heart of cutting-edge engineering and mass production lies the rotary die-cutting machine, a feat of mechanical and digital precision that enables the strictest tolerances to be met. The machine's control software incorporates CCD cameras for on-line measurements based on user parameters. This unique software integration ensures accurate measurement and provides continuous feedback, enabling automatic adjustment and exceptional precision. 


The Roll-to-Roll rotary die-cutter offers exceptional versatility, eliminating the need for multiple machines. It works with a variety of materials (foam, plastic, paper, metal, etc.) and thicknesses, meeting the needs of different industries, from aerospace to automotive and medical products.


Reliability is essential when choosing a machine, to avoid the high costs associated with production stoppages and maintenance. Our equipment incorporates carefully selected components from suppliers recognised worldwide in the industry, guaranteeing a lifespan of several decades while complying with construction standards such as CE, UL, CAS, etc.

High-tech solution

Our high-tech solution meets the increasingly demanding challenges of industrial production. Incorporating latest-generation servomotors, innovative lasers (CO2, Fibre, femtosecond, nanosecond), high-resolution inspection cameras, inkjet or laser printers, and RFID (UHF NFC) control systems, it remains connected to the world of 4.0. The Dorey Converting Systems Machine Solution is not just a machine, but a high-tech tool for all your converting and market expansion needs.

DOREY Converting Systems
250, rue des Artisans
Tél : +33 (0)4 75 05 10 00
Email: contact@converting-systems.com
Site : www.converting-systems.com
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