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The ECOLE D’INGENIEUR DENIS DIDEROT, a university public school, offers a solid general training in systems engineering. It allows students to acquire a strong know-how and high level advanced skills in one of specialties: Engineering Physics, Computer Science - n-board computer systems or Materials and nanotechnologie, Biological Engineering. The Materials and Nanotechnologies speciality proposes, in partnership with AFELIM, applied teaching in the field of printed organic electronics.

Specialty Materials and Nanotechnologies

Coming after the rapid expansion of knowledge about nanomaterials, Nanotechnology is often presented as a cornerstone of the industry of the future. The major issue is to build pathways in the field of materials (industrial processes) that integrate the physical properties observed at the «nano» scale in a macroscopic device. The implementation is part of a system approach: the specifications (macroscopic features), assembly processing technologies, integration of nanomaterials with specific properties.


The specialty materials and nanotechnology provides to the engineering students, a foundation of general skills in physical chemistry, supplemented by specialized instruction in nanoscienceand materials science. A key feature of this training is that it allows engineering students to understand

both the research advances in the field of synthesis and characterization of these materials,

as industrial development of applications related to their remarkable properties. Development prospects in management are favored by specific lessons about the world of business and project management.

Main jobs

In large enterprises and SMEs specialized in nanomaterials and technologies: materials characterization engineer (structure, surface), process and development engineer, production engineer, R&D engineer, project engineer, quality engineer...

Industrial Sectors

The industries covered by the specialty are in the fields of renewable energy and its storage, surface treatment and functionalizing coatings, electronics and plastic electronics, transportation (aviation industry and car industry...), the chemical industry.

Printed electronics in school

The specialty materials and nanotechnology prepares future engineers for careers in printed organic electronics. With the assistance of AFELIM and its partners, the school EIDD is setting up a high-level instruction in which students acquire, in a materials approach, advanced skills in the development and operation of the main components of plastic electronics: organic solar photo-sensor and cell, field effect transistor, light emitting diode, physical (pressure, temperature) and chemical (bio-detection) sensors.

Students are trained in industrial issues relating to printing processes (inkjet, screen printing, etc.), ink formulation and techniques for characterising printed materials and their rigid or flexible substrates.

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