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ISORG is the pioneering company in organic and printed electronics for large-area photodetectors and image sensors, with a paradigm shift in the industry.

ISORG offers a new generation of high performance, thin and flexible optical sensors for large area digital imaging and scanners, motion and object presence detection, interactive surfaces and light measurement.

ISORG develops a disruptive technology transforming plastic and glass into smart surfaces. These new sensors are conformable, thin and lightweight with low current consumption, offering unique advantages over traditional image sensors in terms of sensing area, cost per area ratio and mechanical integration.

ISORG is currently building its new mass production fab in Limoges, with a capacity of 120 000 m2 of sensors a year starting end 2017.

Applications and functionalities

  • Large area digital imaging and scanning,
  • Complete opto-electronic solution available for detection of objects (with or without contact) for logistics and asset management,
  • Motion and object presence detection, interactive surfaces, touchless operation with gesture recognition,
  • Light measurement and industrial process monitoring


  • Medical digital imaging and X ray digital Imaging
  • Biometrics sensors for: fingerprint and vein recognition
  • Logistics and asset management
  • HMI
  • Large area interactive displays
  • Smart and connected devices
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