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ISRA is an independant French company specialising in the design and manufacture of cards and customised media, mainly dedicated to trade, access control, identification and transport
As well as its products, ISRA offers a wide range of services such as printing, customisation, card programming and routing operations (enveloping, shipping) as well as the creation of original packaging.


Printing is in the DNA of ISRA, who for more than 40 years have known how to make a product beautiful, whatever it is. This is, still today, one of our strengths that we are continuing to improve with the technological developments of inks and equipment.

ISRA offers the main techniques of printing; offset, screen printing, digital and also has great experience in techniques that will make your card stand out and make it the most attractive possible (selective varnish, gilding, material additions, etc.).


The manufacturing stage gives substance to the product, and brings it to life !

Various layers of PVC or paper that make up the card and any magnetic strips (or electronics) are assembled before the lamination and cutting phases, at the end of which the card is produced.

Electronic integration

In this stage the product is also rendered smart, enabling it to communicate or to be connected. ISRA was interested very early on in smart cards and forged special relationships with the main players in this market, to enable its customers to benefit from the best of smart cards with and without contact, and by extension, today - connected objects.

In the manufacturing workshop ISRA has integrated a clean room that makes it possible to carry out electronic integration operations (antenna installation, insertion of chips).

All of ISRA’s facilities offer a very high level of security that is appropriate for the manufacture of cards carrying personal data or financial value.


In the digital era of personalized service, it is no longer enough for a product to be beautiful and smart – it has to be unique. At ISRA they just have to walk the few meters between «Prod» and «Perso». The cards can be personalized in multiple ways, with a barcode or a QR code, or by encoding the chip, but also by printing the name or the photo of the carrier.

To do this, ISRA can rely on an IT department that manages a database compatible with the terms of the GDPR.

ISRA has equipment for mass personalization and material dedicated to the personalization of small volumes, as and when they arrive; daily, weekly,...

Our values

The idea which has driven ISRA for more than 40 years is freedom.

Freedom to think of its products differently, to innovate, to manufacture according to demanding quality standards, to be reactive, to choose French or European partners who share the same values, to remain independent ...


To innovate is to have an open mind and not to be satisfied with the standards imposed by the market. Since its creation, ISRA has been

putting its creativity to work with new products and alternative production methods, always looking for new materials, new technologies

and new ideas to offer its customers the best solution in terms of quality, price and innovation.

Every year, ISRA proposes 3 to 5 of these innovations and, since 2010, ISRA has been a major actor of research in favor of more environmentally friendly products, until the introduction in 2018 of the first 100% paper card (ISBIO Alive).

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