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JET METAL develops, manufactures and markets its industrial spray metallization solutions worldwide.
Its new JetSelectiv® technology enables it to address the printed electronics market with a disruptive and innovative solution.
JET METAL develops, designs, manufactures and markets worldwide its innovative industrial spray metallization technology.

Active for twelve years in the decoration and functionalization fields, this technology, the result of French research, is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional techniques such as electroplating, evaporation and PVD.

Now a world leader in decorative glass metallization and a challenger in plastics, Jet Metal™ since 2015 has been diversifying its activities and focusing its technology on functional applications and markets.

JetMetal® processes and coatings bring technical properties to the surfaces on which metal layers are deposited.

The main applications revolve around the electrical properties (conduction, electromagnetic shielding, etc.) of metals deposited by JetMetal® in the field of electronics for the manufacture of components, connectors, antennas, etc.

Surface chemistry, localized electrochemistry, surface functionalization, supramolecular nanostructuring on surfaces, surface reactivity and transport in nanostructured layers.

Applications: biosensors, polymer/nanoparticle thin films or nanoparticle/polymer composites.

To satisfy an increasingly pressing need in the world of electronics, Jet Metal™ has developed and patented an innovation for obtaining selective metal coatings - Jet- Selectiv®.

This innovative and strategic technology enables the production of tracks, electrodes and other pure metal busbars for printed electronics.

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