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KOENEN is the technological leader on European market in the manufacture of high-precision metal stencils and precision screens for technical printing.

The group of companies consists of the parent company Christian KOENEN GmbH and the subsidiaries KOENEN GmbH and Christian KOENEN KFT.

The precision tools are supplied to all areas of electronics manufacture: e.g. SMD technology, thick film, solar, wafer, LTCC. KOENEN is a family business with a long tradition.

This corporate culture ensures a trusting relationship with the staff, partners and customers.

As a result of the continuing miniaturization of components and the growing mix of components on increasingly smaller surfaces, it is necessary to offer customers a complete package tailored for their challenges.

This includes process know-how developed over many years, concrete options for analysis, test, optimization, measurement, documentation and, ultimately, the definition of the optimal printing tool, i.e. metal stencil, precision screen or M-TeCK.

Being a traditional company, the company has attached particular importance to quality, precision and service.

This high quality standard is implemented at all three plants.

Quality and precision are the hallmarks of excellence of the precision products from the company KOENEN. In production, 40-70 work steps are required to manufacture a precise metal stencil from the raw material.

The precision stencils and screens feature an extremely high degree of precision.

This accuracy opens up wider process windows for the production of the customers, saves costs and increases efficiency.

The area of research and development has always enjoyed top priority at all KOENEN companies, and the innovative products – some of which have been patented – highlight this technologicalcompetence.

The company employs eight technicians and engineers who develop technologies for practical applications, and invests continuously in other highly advanced plants and equipment featuring state-of-the-art technology.

Especially the areas failure analysis, customerspecific process development with focus on cost reduction coupled with enhanced quality, process training and the further development of new printing technologies require the new orientation of the Application Center.

KOENEN HighTech Stencils
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