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MARTIN TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in the field of metal and plastic marking (labels, company nameplates...), conceiving and manufacturing of keyboards and front panels, as also fine sheet-metal units and machined parts.
Our products are intended for industry and luxury markets, from the unit part to mass production. The company was founded in 1929, it has today 105 employees and is based near ANGERS (49).

MARTIN TECHNOLOGIES is present in 3 activities domains

• Metal and Plastic Marking

Metal and plastic marking by processes of screenprinting, etching, anodic oxidation in order to manufacture company nameplates, conformity plates, indicative  nameplates, sales promotion articles, labels...

• Membrane switches, tactile keyboards and Front Panels

We design and manufacture membrane switches and tactile keyboards. Front panels are available in brushed or glossy metal, as also in flexible version with a front panel in Polyester laminated on a metal plate.

• Fine Sheet-metal work and surface treatments

Thanks to our sheet-metal work activity, we can supply technical parts and producing housings of your products (casings, control desk, etc.). Surface treatments are a necessary complement to the sheet-metal work activity. 

RFID technology integration since 2010

RFID technology presents many advantages compared to incremented labels with a barcode or QR code. 

The two last mentioned ID-Tech present are limited by the fact that they are unremovable marking systems and consequently informations contained can’t be renewed

From 2010 we started to develop our own RFID strategy.

In order to show a working application of that technology and to gather efficiency in that matter we have built an industrial RFID application. 

Efficient since 2013, this prototype allows to identify and follow more than 550 serigraphy screens.

Each screen is equipped with a removable RFID tag and the users can follow any event of its lifethrough a simple industrial PDA and extract any data needed: quality tracking, screen life data, geolocalization of the screen, etc. And the weekly inventory of the screens takes just a few minutes instead of 2 hours before.

Gestion and quality insurance

The company was awarded in January 2004 of the triple certification ISO 9001 version 2000, ISO 140001 and OHSAS 18001 by the INTERTECK.

This official recognition makes MARTIN TECHNOLOGIES the first company of less than 250 employees of its region (Pays de Loire) to be certified for its QSE Management System (Quality, Security, Environment). 

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Tél : +33 (0) 241 214 121

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