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Simplifying monitoring of heart failure patients with home blood tests

At OMINI, we aim to transform the lives of patients suffering from chronic diseases. Our patented electrochemical sensors enable home self-testing, keeping caregivers informed every step of the way. Our system combines multi-sensor blood test strips, a portable connected reader and an application for the transmission of clinical and biological data.

In 2019, chronic diseases accounted for over 55% of the 55.4 million deaths worldwide.

Every year, this figure rises. This steady upward trend is not just unfortunate - it's sustainable. With the resources of healthcare systems already stretched to the limit, the only possible outcome of a continuing rise is an increase in the cost of care, greater staff burnout and a lower-quality care pathway.

Clearly, the traditional "one size fits all" approach to chronic disease management is not working.

A new approach

- In partnership with leading healthcare professionals, we are pioneering a new approach to decentralized, home-based connected blood testing.

- We combine multi-detection blood test strips, a portable connected reader and an app for transmitting clinical and biological data,

- Our unique technology shares data with providers in real time, enabling them to make rapid, informed decisions on the next best course of action for their patients. 

Our current focus is on cardiovascular disease (CVD), the world's leading cause of death.

We are developing sensors capable of simultaneously measuring a combination of key biomarkers indicating a patient's cardiac performance as well as their general state of health.

We also offer a wearable reader and online services, so that patients can share measurements with healthcare professionals, minimizing the risk of relapse and re-hospitalization. In the future, our vision is to develop a collection of devices that contribute to the whole patient journey, at every stage, and across various pathologies - from autoimmune disorders to infectious diseases and cancer.

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