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PLASTIPOLIS is the only French competitive cluster covering all the value chain of the plastics industry: from the materials and compounds through the manufacturing processes and tooling to the products integration (smart plastics for instance). The cluster was created in July 2005. Located in the Ain valley, it gathers a lot of actors of the French plastics industry (companies, public and private R&D centers, training centers and institutions).
PLASTIPOLIS gathers more than 360 members, including 220 companies and 90% of SMEs. The main target markets of the cluster are transport, medical and healthcare, packaging, construction, energy and consumer goods.

The main missions of PLASTIPOLIS

  • Create more innovation and have new R&D projects emerge.
  • Promote innovation in education and competences management for the plastics industry.
  • Open the companies’ development toward other industrial sectors and international cooperation.

PLASTIPOLIS has 4 different offices: Oyonnax, Lyon, Besancon and Grenoble, to be very close to its members in the Rhône Alpes and Franche Comté regions.

The cluster gave its label for 170 collaborative R&D projects since its creation, including 80 running projects. The total budget is about 410 M €. PLASTIPOLIS also gave its label for 8 new trainings in the plastics industry.

  • The three key themes of PLASTIPOLIS to classify the R&D projects are identified in the light of technological opportunities and levers they represent to the different key markets. They are :
  • The materials (Advanced Materials, New Materials, Functional Materials, bio-sourced Materials, regenerated materials),
  • The processes (efficient Processes, processes for composites, Innovative processes and process control),
  • The technology integration (Eco-design, Assembly, Integration of electronic functions, integrated production unit).

The competitive cluster has developed since 2006 some cooperation with other European clusters, which led to 15 European projects. The most emblematic inter-cluster projects are Wiintech, Alplastics and Clusterplast.

PLASTIPOLIS has also partnerships with clusters all around the world, for example Polymer Ohio (USA), Plastindia foundation (India) and Nagano techno foundation (Japan).

PLASTIPOLIS in printed electronics

COLAE (which means Commercialisation Clusters for Organic and Large Area Electronics) is an european project started in September 2011. Budget: 4 million euros for 3 years.

This project gathers 17 partners leaders of the development of printed electronics in Europe: research centers, technological platforms and clusters.

The goal of COLAE is to accelerate the commercialization of organic and printed electronics with 4 principal actions:

  • To enhance awareness by participating to trade fairs, organizing workshops, distributing documents and interviewing potential end users of these technologies,
  • To train people to manufacture printed electronic products with trainings in the laboratories of the different partners. COLAE also proposes an entrepreneurship training for young researchers/ engineers, organized by Cambridge University,
  • To create a network of companies in printed electronics in Europe to have new collaborative projects and partnerships emerge,
  • To help companies to develop products with feasibility studies and services from prototyping to production thanks to the partners’ technological platforms (PICTIC, Printocent).
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