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PORCHER INDUSTRIES is an international group native of Lyon area, that develops and produces innovative materials combining textile and chemistry to satisfy multiple industrial needs and markets: Automotive, Building, Aerospace & Defense, Industry, Sport& Leisure.

Key figures

  • Porcher Industries produces technical textiles for over 60 years. 
  • 2000 people 
  • 2 R&D centers (Europe and US) 
  • Turnover 2016 315M€ 

Patent portfolio: 25 familles 

With its production plants in China, France, US and Brazil, Porcher Industries Group is close to its customers, offering a large and competitive production capacity.

Its technical textiles are ultra resistant, ultra light, they fly, they reinforce, they lighten, they filter, and soon they will also stock or deliver energy, they will give information or capture datas.

In 2017, Porcher Industries continue to distinguish by innovations on its markets always more diversified.

To satisfy its customers, Porcher Industries combines its traditional know-how of fiber transformation, advanced technologies and polymer chemistry

engineering to propose to its partner differentiated textile solutions.

Porcher Industries offers a wide range of techniques that allow it to work from the fiber / wire scale up to the composite part:

Textile and Polymer technologies: twisting, wiring, assembling, wrapping, automatic fiber laying, weaving, nonwoven, UD, hot press compression...

Treatments: dyeing, coating, impregnation, extrusion, laminating...

Porcher Industries’ added value and expertise lie in mastering technologies and interfaces to achieve extreme or antonymic performances.

Thanks to its pioneering past in printed circuit boards, Porcher Industries has gained a reputation for its ultrafine glass fabrics with electrical insulating properties and high temperature dimensional stability.

Examples of properties:

Minimum glass fabrics thickness = 20μ with dielectric strength between 8 and 12kV/mm maintained until 300°C, non-flammable.

Minimum scrim weight: 4g/m²

Paragliding coated fabric: 27g/m²

Porcher Industries thinks that its textile solutions can go beyond a new limit. 

75 RD 1085
Tél : +33(0)4 74 43 10 10

Global Marketing Manager Industry

Estelle DALOD
R&D Manager Innovation and Expertise

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