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Created in 2014, the Hub for Research and Innovation in Advanced Materials, PRIMA Québec, animates and supports the ecosystem of advanced materials, a driver of innovation and growth for Quebec.
PRIMA Québec is recognized as the key player in advanced materials for its knowledge of the ecosystem and its expertise in supporting companies for a more competitive Quebec in several respects thanks to the sustained growth of the advanced materials ecosystem.
As a sectoral grouping of industrial research (RSRI), PRIMA Québec relies on the financial support of the Quebec government and the private sector to promote research-industry relations.

Printed electronics, for example, result in the development of advanced materials in the design of flexible photovoltaic panels, biometric sensors or the formulation of conductive inks, and more.
According to IDTechEx Research, the total market for printed, flexible and organic electronics will increase from US$41.2 billion in 2020 to US$74 billion in 2030. The majority of these markets are OLEDs, printed biosensors and printed conductive ink.
PRIMA Québec brings together in its community a large number of players in the field of advanced materials at the level of companies, research centres and key innovation partners. https://www.prima.ca/en/members/our-members/
Through its support and funding, PRIMA Québec helps boost the competitiveness of Quebec businesses by allowing them to benefit from research expertise.
The collaboration between PRIMA Québec and the French association of printed electronics (AFELIM) is an opportunity to share the resources and contacts of our respective members with those who wish to establish themselves in the European and Canadian markets or to associate themselves with European and Canadian projects.

In-mold Electronics (IME) transforms control panels into curved and intelligent surfaces (e2ip- NRC) Project supported by funding from the ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI), through PRIMA Québec.

Québec’s flagship companies are joining forces to accelerate the manufacture of tomorrow’s flexible electronic circuits: the perfect symbiosis in printable manufacturer-user electronics between Varitron, Axis Lightning, Fujifilm and ÉTS Prof. Sylvain Cloutier, supported by MEI funding, through PRIMA Québec.

Common Test Platform (CTP): TPC is a tool to launch and enhance collaborations in the Green network across Canada (courtesy Prof. Ricardo Izquierdo of ÉTS)

Ultraviolet photo detectors printed with aerosol jet (courtesy Prof. Ricardo Izquierdo of ÉTS)

LED printing on soft and flexible media (courtesyC2MI)

Moisture sensors obtained by aerosol jet (courtesyPr. Ricardo Izquierdo of the ÉTS)

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