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THIEME is an international leader in high-quality screen printing and digital printing systems. From standard printing machines to highly specific functional coatings through to the integration of printing processes in complex manufacturing procedures - THIEME offers you exactly what you need for your application such as printing of technical functions, on glass, coating solar cells, etc.

Screen printing for industrial applications

Whether optical prints or functional coatings – screen printing offers an amazing variety of choices. From standalone start-up machines to fully automatic printing lines, THIEME offers important components for industrial screen printing. New ideas and developments are constantly being tested for practical suitability at the THIEME Technology Center. Practical concepts result from the usage of the newest technologies providing economic benefits and additional advantages for THIEME customers. From the overall conception right up to “turnkey” installation, THIEME is your professional partner.

Digital printing

Digital printing is not only gaining ground in the graphics sector but also in many industrial applications. As your process partner, THIEME will develop the best possible solution for your specific applications. The combination of digital printing with proven THIEME machine technology allows obtaining an optimized and high quality digital printing machine, which is fully tailored to your needs.

THIEME inkjet machines

The digital printing process makes it quick and easy to reproduce patterns or decorations on a substrate. The basis of our inkjet printing machines is made up of tried-and-tested components developed by Thieme, such as the printing table and the substrate transport device. This is a highly flexible machine concept that allows access to all process parameters. For example, these machines feature a system for activating different vacuum zones, making it quick and easy to change formats.

Different levels of automation are possible: in addition to manual loading and unloading of the printing table, it is possible to increase the machine's level of automation to make it a fully automatic printing line. The choice of substrates is equally vast. In fact, the multi-pass system enables printing on a wide range of materials, including paper, cardboard, film, glass, metal and plastic.

Development of new applications and manufacturing processes

THIEME has a range of state-of-the-art screen-printing and inkjet machines in operation, as well as an area dedicated to the development of new applications in industrial screen-printing and inkjet printing. In its technical center, THIEME offers its customers, start-ups and interested users the opportunity to evaluate their printing processes at all levels of development, from basic research to pre- and/or small-scale production in a real production environment. Our application technology experts can help you with prototyping, process evaluation and pre- and/or small-scale production.

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