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NORMANDY COATING, an expert in the preparation of substrates for printed electronics, offers a wide range of treatments that optimise the physicochemical characteristics of films designed to meet the demands of printing conducting inks and semiconductor components.

At NORMANDY COATING, our passion to provide innovative technological solutions has grown since the beginning. The human scale of our company allows us to work alongside our partners that can rely on our commitment to assisting them and successfully carrying out their projects. For NORMANDY COATING, being a partner means building a solid and dynamic relationship. It means gaining an understanding of the client’s specific needs and offers the appropriate solutions. With more than 50 years of experience in the treatment of polyester film (RHÔNE POULENC and REGMA); NORMANDY COATING supplies its partners in over 50 countries worldwide.

NORMANDY COATING and printed electronics: technical and appropriate solutions

At NORMANDY COATING, we are experts in the preparation of substrates for printed electronics. We offer a wide range of treatments which maximise the physicochemical characteristics of films that are designed to meet the demandsof printing conductive inks and semi-conductor components.

Example of treatment : adhesion of conductive and dielectric inks

The goal: to maximise the adhesion of inks and semiconductor components on the substrate, permanently.

For more than 50 years, NORMANDY COATING has been a pioneer of PET etching treatment, “TCA” (trichloroacetic acid). We offer various types of modified surfaces to obtain bonding and surface tensions that do not deteriorate over time.

Our laboratory tailors our formulas to adjust them to our clients’ needs (strength of adhesion, level of opacity, compatibility with the chemistry of specific conducting inks etc.).

With a strong investment policy carried out continuously, NORMANDY COATING is backed by its high-performing machines that can meet the demands and the requirements of its markets.

Example of treatment : adhesion of conductive and dielectric inks

The goal: an improvement in the dimensional stability of PET film:

NORMANDY COATING has invested in a new production line at the leading edge of today’s technology. It minimises the shrinkage rate when the film is exposed to the temperature, for instance, during the screen printing of conducting inks.

The precision of our equipment enables the thermal shrinkage of a PET film to be divided by 10 to 20 when exposed at 170°C for 30 minutes.

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