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SUPRATEC JMD uses its expertise in complex technical marking to rise to the challenges of identification and industrial traceability.
As a 100% integrated manufacturer of technical labels, Lexan overlays and custom-cut stickers, we are your onestop- shop from the project design phase. We perform all of the material conversion, cutting and printing processes on our 2 production sites in France.

Our business: Designing solutions tailored to your challenges

SUPRATEC JMD showcases its expertise as a converter of adhesive materials by designing marking elements that are:

  • Technical (more or less resistant or technological)
  • Complex (depending on the constraints of your application)
  • Tailored (by lamination of more than 700 available material references)

For example, if a thermal sensor manufacturer needs to protect a sensitive component during the production process, it calls upon SUPRATEC JMD’s marking expertise to come up with a custom technical adhesive label made from Kapton film to ensure resistance to the high temperatures of the remelt furnace.

Another type of problem that regularly calls upon our expertise is the manufacture of MMI interfaces or Lexan overlays.

For example, if a global cybersecurity player wishes to develop an electronic control unit for encrypting data, it consults SUPRATEC JMD to design its custom display screen. Our technicians have developed a scratch-resistant, adhesive overlay with foam cushion that fits the shape of the plastic unit and its electronic interface perfectly.

For this application, SUPRATEC JMD’s value proposal is apparent not only from its production capacity, but also its ability to recommend materials, adhesives and marking inks.

Technical services and solutions for the electronics sector 

SUPRATEC JMD offers services and solutions to players in the electronics sector. Whether you are a manufacturer, a subcontractor, a cable fitter, an integrator or a maintenance firm... challenge the creativity of a manufacturer with more than 40 years’ experience in industrial marking. 

Functional cut parts

Create your custom functional part by entrusting it to SUPRATEC JMD, a partner of the leading industrial adhesive manufacturers (3M, Nitto, Coroplast, Hi bond, etc.). Our equipment performs pre-cutting of standard adhesive materials: one-sided sticky tape, double-sided sticky tape, transfer tape, single and double-sided foam, protective film, masking film, tape application, etc.

The cutting capacity of our equipment guarantees a degree of precision of up to +/-0.1 mm, over a wide range of thicknesses.


Our teams support you in co-development sessions to define solutions that meet your requirements: production of visual mock-ups in our graphics studio, definition of material lamination, choice of printing processes, compliance with chromatic scales and tolerances. Our screen printing expertise gives us the opportunity to participate in the development of new MMI products within aerospace navigation systems.

Certifications : UL, ISO 9001 :2008, EN 9100

ZI Les Bordes - 7 rue Henri Dunant
Tél : 01 69 11 51 51
Tél : 01 60 86 59 02

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